A brand new crop of grassroots conservative candidates have just been elected to nearly every level of government in Arkansas—and they have a promise to keep.

No one thought it was possible: A state legislature with 44 House Republicans and 15 Senate Republicans, but it has happened, and most of them were elected with strong Tea Party support.

Let’s also not forget about the history-making federal races: Congressman John Boozman was elected by a landslide to replace Senator Blanche Lincoln, Tim Griffin won a considerable victory against State Senator Joyce Elliot in Congressional District 2 (a district that leans Democrat), and Tea Party-favorite Rick Crawford pulled the most earth-shaking upset of all—he defeated Chad Causey in Congressional District 1, a Democratic stronghold since Reconstruction.

We have already covered these results in a previous blog post, but I wanted to take a moment to underscore what has happened. Conservative citizens all across the state have risen up and declared “enough!” They want reduced taxes and spending, limited government, private sector job creation, and traditional values, and they expect their new representatives to follow-through.

I am very proud of the conservative candidates who have been elected across Arkansas. I see great promise. It would benefit every newly-elected official to remember why they were elected in the first place—to stand on principle, even when it’s difficult to do so. That’s what Arkansans are looking for, and if these new representatives get squishy, I am confident that voters will quickly find replacements.