A new study released by AAA this month shows many Americans believe it is less dangerous to drive after using marijuana than it is to drink and drive, text while driving, talk on a cell phone while driving, or drive while drowsy.

AAA surveyed 3,349 American drivers ages 16 and older.

The study found only about 70% of Americans said it was dangerous to drive after using marijuana — compared with 96% who said drowsy driving was dangerous.

In other words, drivers believe it is riskier to drive while sleep-deprived than it is to drive under the influence of marijuana.

However, the AAA study cited 20 years of research that concluded drivers under the influence of marijuana are more than twice as likely to crash.

Last fall officials in Colorado announced that marijuana-related traffic deaths had risen 151% since the state legalized marijuana.

All of this underscore what we keep saying: Marijuana may be many things, but “harmless” simply is not one of them.

Read the AAA survey results here.