According to news reports, authorities in Las Vegas are warning parents about the dangers marijuana products pose to children.

Candy, cookies, and other foods laced with marijuana appeal to children, and can be dangerous if ingested.

KSNV reports,

“We’ve seen children admitted to the hospital who need intensive care monitoring, and in some cases, even life support interventions to help keep them alive,” said Dr. Jacob Snow at Sunrise Children’s Hospital. “We have seen cases where it’s typical curious exploring. A two-, three- or four-year-old who happens upon something that their parents left out.”

We have written repeatedly about children and adults who were hospitalized after eating candy or other food containing marijuana.

As we have said for years: Marijuana may be many things, but “harmless” simply is not one of them.

Photo: “PLUS” by sarahstierch is licensed under CC BY 2.0.