Earlier this month the Arkansas Lottery rolled out a new scratch-off ticket that sells for $20 and offers a top prize of $1 million.

The odds of winning any prize at all — including a $20 break-even prize — from this ticket are about 1 in 3 — meaning a person will lose, on average, $40 or more for every $20 he or she wins from this scratch-off ticket.

To put it another way, people who spend $20 on this scratch-off ticket have a 66% chance of losing their money.

The odds of winning a $1 million jackpot prize are a staggering 1 in approximately 640,000!

Last October we wrote about how these expensive scratch-off tickets prey on the truly desperate.

They entice Arkansans to spend a lot of money on a single lottery ticket in hopes of a big payout.

This is just another example of the Arkansas Lottery preying on the poor in our state.

This article has been updated to correct the odds of winning a jackpot prize.