The Arkansas Lottery continues to spend more than 70% of its monthly revenue on prizes, according to reports filed with the Governor’s Office.

The reports show the Arkansas Lottery took in more than $47.5 million in September.

Out of that money, $33.4 million was spent on prizes for lottery players — roughly 70.4% of the Lottery’s revenue for the month.

Less than $7.7 million went to college scholarships — about 16.2% of the Lottery’s revenue.

For perspective, the typical state lottery budgets about 60% of its revenue for prizes and about 30% for education.

All told, since Fiscal Year 2021 began last July the Arkansas Lottery has taken in nearly $147 million, but only about 16 cents out of every dollar has gone toward college scholarships.

Below is a breakdown of Lottery revenue, scholarship budgeting, and prize spending so far this fiscal year.

Lottery Scholarship Spending

MonthGross Lottery RevenuePaid to Scholarships% Gross Revenue

Lottery Prize Spending

MonthGross Lottery RevenueTotal Prizes% Going to Prizes