On Thursday Rep. Ashley Hudson (D – Little Rock), Rep. Andrew Collins (D – Little Rock), and Sen. Greg Leding (D – Fayetteville) filed H.B. 1697.

This is a bad bill permitting no-fault divorce in Arkansas.

Under current law, couples in Arkansas can divorces in cases such as infidelity, abuse, following a lengthy separation, and other circumstances.

H.B. 1697 would permit divorce due to irreconcilable differences, discord, or conflict of personalities regardless of if the husband or wife is at fault.

Arkansas already has a high divorce rate. We don’t need to pass laws making it even easier to get a divorce.

Instead of passing laws helping people end their marriages, what if we took steps to encourage couples to work through their differences? Wouldn’t policies like that do more to help families than no-fault divorce legislation?

Read The Bill Here.