The House Public Health Committee today refused to pass yet another pro-life bill.  HB1983 by Rep. David Meeks would have provided stronger, more modern protections for doctors and healthcare workers who refuse to perform abortions, embryonic stem cell research, and a variety of other medical procedures that may violate their conscience.

The bill failed to get the eleven votes it needed to get out of committee. Below is a breakdown of the vote.

Voted Against HB1983

  1. Rep. Lovell
  2. Rep. Pennartz
  3. Rep. Wilkins
  4. Rep. Leding

Voted For HB1983

  1. Rep. Gaskill
  2. Rep. King
  3. Rep. Lea
  4. Rep. Smith
  5. Rep. Malone
  6. Rep. Wardlaw
  7. Rep. Mayberry
  8. Rep. Woods

Did Not Vote

  1. Rep. Tyler
  2. Rep. Lampkin
  3. Rep. Perry
  4. Rep. Allen
  5. Rep. Word
  6. Rep. Wagner
  7. Rep. Hall
  8. Rep. Hyde

Please email or call the members of the committee at (501) 682-6211, and ask them not to vote down another pro-life bill.  Ask them to pass every pro-life bill that comes before their committee from now until the end of the session.