Reports filed with the Arkansas Ethics Commission show Responsible Growth Arkansas — the group supporting Marijuana Issue 4 — spent $404,593.98 on its campaign last month.

Of that money, more than $293,000 went toward advertising expenses.

Responsible Growth Arkansas currently has two television ads in support of Issue 4. Earlier this month the ads prompted a cease-and-desist letter from the Little Rock City Attorney after it was discovered the advertisements used video footage of police officers from LRPD recruitment videos without the police department’s knowledge or consent.

Responsible Growth Arkansas is still running the ads on TV despite the cease-and-desist letter from the City of Little Rock.

All told, Responsible Growth Arkansas has received nearly $4.9 million in campaign contributions for Issue 4. Virtually all of that money has come from members of the marijuana industry.

In a separate filing with the Arkansas Secretary of State, the Grow PAC revealed it contributed $7,750 during previous three months to candidates running for office in Arkansas.

Grow PAC represents the medical marijuana industry in Arkansas, and it has given thousands of dollars to political campaigns in the state this year.

As we have said many times, marijuana is a multimillion dollar business, and the corporations behind marijuana have a lot of money at their disposal. Between contributions to pass Issue 4 and support for specific candidate campaigns, the marijuana industry seems to be working hard to exert its influence in Arkansas.

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