Earlier this month the FBI arrested 45 individuals suspected of being tied to drug trafficking and violent crime in Little Rock and Pine Bluff.

The arrests and indictments reportedly were the result of FBI investigations into two rival gangs in central Arkansas.

In August of 2021 DEA agents and North Little Rock Police determined that methamphetamine and fentanyl “were being mailed into Arkansas from California, and these shipments—which included kilogram-quantities of methamphetamine and thousands of pressed fentanyl pills—were then distributed to individuals in Little Rock and Pine Bluff as well as Houston, Texas.”

Over the course of the investigation, law enforcement discovered gangs were funding their violent crimes through the sale of high-grade marijuana.

Investigators reportedly found evidence of drug trafficking and travel between Arkansas and Texas, California, Arizona, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Oklahoma.

You can read more about these operations and investigations here.

As news outlets have reported across the country, the opioid epidemic is raging in America, and drug cartels are funding their criminal enterprises with marijuana — despite many states legalizing marijuana.

Contrary to popular belief, legalization does not decrease drug-related crime, and it does not alleviate drug abuse. If anything, it seems to make those problems worse.

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