Illegal marijuana farms with ties to organized crime in America and Asia continue to be a problem in the U.S.

News outlets have reported repeatedly how legalization of marijuana has actually fueled black market operations rather than reducing them — emboldening drug cartels that operate industrial scale marijuana cultivation sites. Some of these marijuana operations are tied to labor trafficking and violent crime.

A recent report by Fox Business highlights national security concerns that some of these illegal marijuana farms may actually have ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

During the Fox Business interview, California’s Siskiyou County Sheriff Jeremiah LaRue called legalization “a total failure in California,” saying the state has been inundated with black market marijuana.

This is an ongoing problem — and it seems to be getting worse. A CBS News segment last year highlighted how Chinese investment is driving illegal marijuana production across the U.S., and CBN reported last October that Chinese investors with “suitcases full of cash” are buying U.S. farmland to grow black market marijuana.

These reports come as a proposed marijuana amendment is vying for the 2024 ballot in Arkansas — raising serious questions about what could happen in Arkansas if the state goes the same route as California, Oklahoma, Oregon, and others.

Watch the Fox Business report below to learn more.