On Wednesday the Arkansas State Police released a statement announcing troopers recently seized more than 200 pounds of illegal marijuana in traffic stops — all of which appears to have originated from out of state.

The drug busts are part of a larger trend, with troopers confiscating more 1,000 pounds of illegal marijuana from out of state in just the last few weeks.

Stories like these serve as a reminder that marijuana’s legalization in other states has actually fueled the black market and the drug cartels rather than weakening them.

California’s Unified Cannabis Enforcement Taskforce seized more than $312 million worth of illegal marijuana in 2023.

Oregon has been inundated by industrial scale marijuana cultivation sites operated illegally by organized crime and drug cartels. Some of these marijuana operations are tied to labor trafficking and violent crime.

Oklahoma authorities describe illicit marijuana as a problem that “plagues” their state.

All of this comes as a proposed marijuana amendment is vying for the 2024 ballot in Arkansas — raising serious questions about how illicit marijuana could expand in Arkansas if the state goes the same route as California, Oregon, and others.

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