Public documents obtained from the Secretary of State’s office show the group backing the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment paid some 470 canvassers to collect signatures in support of the ballot proposal.

The marijuana amendment by Arkansans for Patient Access would change the state constitution to expand marijuana in Arkansas. The group submitted signatures to place the measure on the ballot last Friday. The Secretary of State is currently reviewing and counting the signatures to determine if they are valid.

Arkansans for Patient Access provided documents to the Secretary of State showing the group employed some 470 paid petition canvassers over the course of the signature campaign.

Under Arkansas law, paid petition canvassers must be residents of Arkansas. They must pass a criminal background check, and their information must be properly recorded with the Secretary of State’s office.

If passed, the marijuana amendment would drastically expand marijuana in Arkansas.

The amendment makes it possible for people to grow and use medical marijuana without suffering from a specific medical condition listed in state law.

The measure would give free marijuana cards to immigrants and out-of-state residents who come to Arkansas to use marijuana.

It also would guarantee marijuana growers and sellers a monopoly over the state’s marijuana industry.

The measure also fails to limit the amount of THC that marijuana products can contain, and it repeals restrictions on marijuana advertising.

All of this would lead to more marijuana in the state.

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