Monday, September 19, 2011

In a brief statement on Monday, September 19, Family Council President Jerry Cox offered comments following the resignation of Arkansas Lottery Director Ernie Passailaigue.

“The resignation of Director Passailaigue is an opportunity for the Arkansas Lottery to move in a more responsible direction,” Cox said.

Cox continued: “I’m convinced that now at least three things need to happen. One, the lottery director’s current salary—$324,000—should be brought in-line with the national average for lottery director salaries, about $125,000. Two, reduce the administrative costs of the lottery, which are third highest in the country for a state-run lottery. And finally, more funds should be allocated for the lottery’s intended purpose of providing college scholarships. Right now, our lottery only pays out about 21.8% of its proceeds for its intended purpose—well below the national average of around 30%.”

“It is no secret that we have opposed the lottery from the very beginning. However, if the lottery commission genuinely wants to start fixing the lottery’s problems, they should adopt at least these three changes,” said Cox.

Family Council is a conservative education and research organization based in Little Rock, Arkansas.