The Southeastern Conference announced today that it will be the first college football conference in the nation to ban keeping score in the league’s conference games.

This latest move is designed to relieve embarrassment on the part of players and reduce the number of coaches fired for losing games. “We just want everyone to like us and feel good about our team,” said one coach who asked to remain anonymous.

Ridiculous? You bet! The fans wouldn’t stand for it. But we have learned to accept the same thing from our elected politicians. They don’t want us to keep score about how they voted. They don’t want to be embarrassed or get fired. They just want us to like them and feel good about them. There’s no reason we should expect more out of our college athletes than our elected officials.

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  1. I agree, no one likes being exposed when they do wrong.
    Perception out ways the truth. When we no longer see ourselves as accountable, we complain about fairness.

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