The following is a guest post from Family Council staff member Sarah Bean.

“The victory is already won,” I heard a Family Council staff member say after coming back from a training session on how to help and counsel young ladies who are considering abortion. I remember writing this off to the side in my legal notepad and putting a box around it, so it would stand out when I flip back through my notes. I remember thinking, “This applies to so much more than abortion.” After hearing this, I wanted to stand up and shout because this Truth was like water in a desert.

It is very easy in this line of work to get discouraged. Just sitting down and watching the news is enough to make one think that the work we do is a lost cause, but I can assure you it is not.

Even when I am in a room listening to a debate with 400+ people who want to legalize medical marijuana, and I’m one of the handful of people who are against it, I am not alone.

Even when I stand in front of a military base for a news interview because I am on the opposing side of repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, I am not alone.

Even when I am 40 feet away from the doors of an abortion clinic, praying for the girl that is walking by me to make it to the appointment that will change her life forever, I am not alone.

It is not always easy to be on this side of the issue, but one thing I am sure of, and that is the victory is already won. It is won through Jesus Christ, and by standing up for His Truth, rest assured you are never on the wrong side of an issue.