I just wanted to take a moment to update everyone on the town hall meeting we had last Monday night.  In spite of some audio problems and a few, sporadic technical glitches, the meeting was a huge success; approximately 150 viewers logged on to watch Rep. Davy Carter, Sylvester Smith, Dr. Eugene Smith, and me discuss proper health care reform.  We hope you’ll join us next time we have an event like this–which we hope to do very soon.

One of the primary reasons we held the town hall meeting was that we felt there’s a vacuum of good information pertaining to health care reform.  A lot of groups are quick to point out what they don’t want Congress to do, but not very many are offering good, alternative suggestions.  That’s why–at the request of Senator Lincoln’s staff–we assembled a list of Health Care Reform Dos and Don’ts.  It’s a simple list based on independent research conducted by our office and several Arkansas doctors.

This list served as the premise for much of our town hall meeting.  Not only does it point out improper health care reforms that could be detrimental to our country; it also outlines good reforms that will make health care and health insurance more affordable for everyone without burdensome tax hikes.

You can download your own copy of Health Care Reform Dos and Don’ts by clicking here.  After you’ve read through the list, let us know what you think by dropping us a comment below.

On a final note, I know many of you asked us if we would be putting a copy of the town hall meeting online.  We had originally planned on doing this, however, the technical difficulties we ran into Monday night corrupted some of our video files from the evening; as a result, we will likely not be able to provide any video of the event online.

Thanks again to everyone who tuned in and asked questions Monday!