Think marriage has nothing to offer society? Think again.

A new report finds 162 reasons to get married and stay married. Among them are that married persons:

  • enjoy stronger relationships with their children;
  • participate more actively in their children’s education;
  • work more productively;
  • enjoy greater financial stability;
  • have better mental and physical health;
  • are less likely to commit crime or abuse or to be victims of domestic violence; and
  • occupy hospitals and health institutions less often than others.

This report further supports what common sense and human history already tell us: That marriage is the foundation for society; that it is a building block for raising healthy children that grow into healthy adults; and that redefining marriage or discarding it as an outmoded institution is simply foolishness. Our government and our society should embrace marriage, and encourage people to enter into lifelong, healthy marriage relationships.

You can read all 162 benefits of marriage here.