Pro-abortion legislation is advancing in Washington state.

A bill requiring maternity insurance policies to include abortion coverage was approved by a state senate committee this week. The bill has already been approved by the House of Representatives. It now goes to the Washington Senate for a final vote.

According to our colleagues at the Family Policy Institute of Washington,

“[The] ‘Do pass without recommendation’ tag is rare because it indicates a willingness to allow the bill to [move] forward, but does not indicate the committee is recommending it be passed. Usually a bill moving out of committee has the recommendation ‘Do pass.’ This rarity is an indication that this bill has serious problems that even the proponents recognize.   Still, the committee did not consider any amendments.

“The Washington State Legislature is one step closer to passing a bill that would make it illegal to either sell or purchase an insurance plan that does not provide abortion. This bill would deny every individual and insurance company in Washington State the right to purchase a product that would not require them to subsidize abortions.”

They go on to point out that insurance providers already offer abortion coverage in conjunction with maternity plans, and that this bill is completely unnecessary. They also expect Planned Parenthood advocates to mount legislative offensives against Washington crisis pregnancy centers and similar organizations.

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