As you know, the Stand Up for Religious Freedom rally last in Little Rock on Friday was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who attended and spread the word. We believe that people were moved and motivated by the speakers and the mission before us—taking a stand for religious freedom before it’s too late.

If you missed the rally or would just like to watch the speeches again, we’ve uploaded the full rally to YouTube. We’ll be uploading even more videos soon, including each speech separated into different videos and the full rally from multiple camera angles.

On the news front, the rally was covered by several outlets. Here are some links:

I’m sure there are many more news stories that we just haven’t found yet! We are still so excited about how the rally turned out, and we hope you had a great time.


  1. Guess who showed up to Madison, WI’s Stand Up for Religious Freedom rally?
    The staff of Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), including co-Presidents Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker. Dan Barker shouted rude things at praying children.
    The contrast between Freedom OF Religion folks and Freedom FROM Religion folks was amazing.
    More details:

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