SB1119, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, needs your support.

This good law affirms the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and can prevent the future erosion of religious liberty. The Home School Legal Defense Association has written extensively about how state Religious Freedom Restoration Acts like this one help protect home schoolers who want to home school for religious reasons from harassment. Last week Texas’ religious freedom law was used to overturn a Dallas city ordinance preventing local ministries from distributing food to the homeless.

Arkansas does not afford its citizens as much religious liberty protection as Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, Alabama, and many other states. SB1119 would change that, but the bill is in danger of stalling.

So far the bill has passed the Arkansas Senate. It is in the House Judiciary Committee, and is scheduled to be presented Tuesday. With the legislative session quickly approaching the finish line, however, the bill needs to be heard and passed quickly if it is going to become law.

Please call your representative today at 501-682-6211, and ask him or her to support SB1119, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act by Rep. Ballinger and Sen. Hester. Be sure to tell your representative where you are from so they know you are a constituent.

You can also find your lawmakers’ contact info listed here.