The following blog post is by Family Council staff member Sarah Bean.

The time is here. I can’t remember being so worked up about the future and what a little ole’ Supreme Court decision could mean. I wasn’t around in 1973 when the abortion decision was handed down, and I really don’t remember much about 9/11, but with the decision that will be handed down tomorrow I feel a heavy pressure all around me—a nervousness that is unsettling.

Marriage as we know it could be forever changed. That’s scary to think about. I don’t know what upsets me more: That our system of checks and balances could be unbalanced by a Federal mandate that trumps what 41 states have said “No” to, or that an institution designed to glorify a Holy God as man and woman come together to form a union might become dishonorable and tainted. I’m definitely more upset by the prospect of the latter, but the former still gets to me.

It is comforting to know God is still in control and He will be glorified no matter what. Of that I am certain. He is the ultimate judge. Days like tomorrow serve as a reminder that we don’t put our faith in men or governments, but in a Holy God.