Back in 1968 the rock band, Paul Revere and the Raiders belted out the lyrics “too much talk and not enough action.” Since then, that phrase has been used all kinds of ways. But when it comes to the sin of abortion, our society is way heavy on the talk side and light on the action. That’s the main reason abortion is still legal—too few people are willing to do anything about it.

When many of us think about the Holocaust in Nazis Germany, we wonder how it was that so many people could sit idly by while their government and their military massacred millions of men, women, and children. We venerate men like Oskar Schindler who saved so many lives, and we scoff at those who did nothing, but it never occurs to most us that in Little Rock and Fayetteville there are “medical clinics” where doctors who have been charged with protecting and upholding human life murder unborn children every day. We just go about our business, rarely stopping to think about what a horrific tragedy is unfolding in our state.

Thanks to a small group of dedicated individuals, you and I have a great opportunity between now and March 28 to take part in an active pro-life campaign called “40 Days for Life.”

Marked by prayer and fasting, silent vigils outside abortion clinics, and community outreach to get more people involved, this effort has already seen success. The previous 40 Days for Life campaign saw two abortion clinics closed and the lives of over 600 unborn children saved. The presence of peaceful people praying outside the clinics literally means the difference between life and death for babies on their way to be aborted.

You can fast and pray. You can announce this in your church. You can go to the abortion clinic and put feet and hands to your convictions. You and do something about abortion.

40 Days for Life is underway in over 150 cities across the United States. The link below will tell you about a campaign near you. In Arkansas, campaigns are underway in Fayetteville and Little Rock.

Your involvement can literally mean the difference between life and death for an unborn child.