If you are as concerned as I am about the innapropriately high salaries being given to certain lottery staff members, let the lottery legislative oversight committee know. ┬áRead further for every committee member’s contact information.



Senate Members

Sen. David Johnson (Chair)

Ph: 501-682-6107 | E-mail: johnsond@arkleg.state.ar.us

Sen. Terry Smith

Ph: 501-321-0066 | E-mail: tsmith@arkleg.state.ar.us

Sen. Tracy Steele

Ph: 374-8788 | E-mail: tsteele@arkleg.state.ar.us

Sen. Mary Anne Salmon

Ph. 501-753-4521 | msalmon@arkleg.state.ar.us

Sen. Robert Thompson

Ph. 870-239-9581 | E-mail: thompsonr@arkleg.state.ar.us

Sen. Johnny Key

Ph: 870-425-5200 | E-mail: keyj@arkleg.state.ar.us

House Members

Rep. Barry Hyde (Chair)

Ph: 501-371-0255 | E-mail: bhyde@hydco.com

Rep. Bruce Maloch

Ph: 870-235-7041 | E-mail: malochb@arkleg.state.ar.us

Rep. Robbie Wills

Ph: 501-730-4677 | E-mail: willsr@arkleg.state.ar.us

Rep. Johnnie Roebuck

Ph: 870-403-4382 | E-mail: roebuckj@arkleg.state.ar.us

Rep. Linda Tyler

Ph: 501-329-8644 | E-mail: tylerl@arkleg.state.ar.us

Rep. Darrin Williams

Ph: 501-312-8500 | williamsd@arkleg.state.ar.us