Last Friday, a rather significant event happened that garnered relatively little media attention: White Officials sat down with representatives from an atheist group called Secular Coalition for America (

The goal of this meeting was to allow the atheists to discuss what they call “privileging of religion” by the government. These so-called privileges include “the ‘pervasive’ religious atmosphere in the military and ways in which troops ‘with nontheistic views are made to feel unwelcome’” (source: and issues pertaining to faith-based initiatives and charities.

Secular Coalition for America is an umbrella organization for a number of atheist and “freethinking” groups. These groups list their goals as everything from “absolute separation of church and state” to promoting atheistic Judaism. They are a registered 501(c)(4), meaning that they are non-profit and can engage in any sort of political activity short of endorsing candidates (i.e. ballot initiatives, campaigns for various types of legislation, etc.).

Last December, we wrote about a local atheist group that set up a display on the Capitol Grounds in Little Rock, next to the Nativity (link: The pretense was that this display would simply deal with the Winter Solstice, but once it went up, it became clear that the vast majority of the display’s content was devoted toward promoting atheism and denouncing religion.

We wrote a series of articles in response to the atheist display, detailing some of the proactively anti-Christian efforts their group is connected with; we received a fair amount of hate mail for it (you can see some of the comments members of the local atheist group left here, but there’s simply no denying the truth: Atheist groups like the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers and the Secular Coalition for America are leading a highly organized effort to root out religious faith in our country.

As we said before, this is not just college philosophy professors telling everyone “God is dead.” These groups are organized, and they’re fanatically anti-religious—particularly where Christianity is concerned.

These groups are working to change the tide of public opinion about atheism and religion one step at a time. It may seem like much ado about nothing to be concerned over a single meeting in the White House, but it’s meetings like this one that lend credibility to groups like Secular Coalition for America and pave the way for changes in laws and public policy in America.

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