According to new rules promulgated by the U.S. Department of Labor, same-sex ‘spouses’ must be allowed to participate in employee benefit plans–even if they live in a state like Arkansas that does not recognize same-sex marriage, so long as the couple was married in a state that does recognize it.

According to the Alliance Defending Freedom,

ADF: Legally married same-sex couples have the right to participate in employee benefit plans even if they live in states that don’t recognize their union, the Labor Department said Wednesday. | Department of Labor press release: New guidance issued by US Labor Department on same-sex marriages and employee benefit plans

This is another move by the federal government forcing states that have opted to maintain the traditional definition of marriage to recognize at least some same-sex ‘marriages.’ The irony is June’s U.S. Supreme Court decision striking part of the Defense of Marriage Act justified the ruling in part by declaring marriage a state matter–not a matter for the federal government. This latest move by the Department of Labor ignores voters in states like Arkansas that have democratically chosen to define marriage as the union of one man to one woman.