Last week Gap, Inc. — the umbrella company for Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and other retailers — sent a letter to the American Family Association announcing its stores would offer patrons Christmas wishes and decidedly Christmas-themed events this December.

This comes after years of nonspecific “Happy Holidays” and strong refusals to use the word “Christmas” in Gap’s advertising and seasonal events.

Gap’s letter to AFA says in part,

“Starting today, every Gap Outlet window will have signs that say ‘Merry Christmas,’ along with Christmas trees and wreaths throughout their stores…Following Thanksgiving, Gap will be putting up a door decal that includes ‘Merry Christmas’ in every store…We will also be incorporating ‘Merry Christmas’ into all of our store hour decals, which can be seen in the windows and at the register.”

It’s odd that any store would offer Christmas shoppers the opportunity to buy Christmas gifts or Christmas decorations, but refuse to say the word ‘Christmas‘ for fear someone might be offended — but that’s exactly what many retailers are doing. Thankfully, Gap is reversing course at its stores, and we look forward to others following Gap’s example.

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  1. Betty Ratcliffe

    So good to hear of this!

    Thanks for this information …. 🙂

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


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