The film The Christmas Candle opens in theaters tomorrow. Below is an email from EchoLight Studios about the film.

EchoLight Studios presents, The Christmas Candle, a timeless holiday film for the entire family. Based on a book by America‘s most inspiring author Max LucadoThe Christmas Candle introduces the acting debut of British singing sensation Susan Boyle, alongside an ensemble cast of beloved Hollywood talent.

This classic story of hope is in theaters nationwide November 22. With YOUR support The Christmas Candle will reach millions of people across America. Together, we can bring a light to our nation this Christmas season!

What People Are Saying!

“Everybody needs to see the Christmas Candle. An incredible Christmas story of hope and love and light. It’s really what not only our nation and the whole world needs to hear, but what the Church needs to hear. It was just awesome!”
James Robison, Life Outreach International

“This generation’s “It’s a Wonderful Life.”
Paul Crouch, Founder TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network)

“It’s nice to see a Christmas movie that’s about Christmas. As a father of four it’s nice to be able to show them a movie that is about faith. That’s the theme of this film, testing your faith and then finding it again”
Drew Bledsoe, NFL Professional Athlete

“This is the first time I can go to the pulpit and tell everyone to see this movie. It is a game-changer for Christian movies.”
Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Here’s How You Can Help!


1. See the Movie Opening Weekend
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This is critical to insure the movie comes to theaters and stays in theaters after opening weekend! RESERVE YOUR TICKETS TODAY! Get tickets and theater info here
The Christmas Candle Tickets Page

2. Spread The Word

We need your help to build the excitement leading up to November 22. Tell your friends, family, church groups, and neighbors about The Christmas Candle!

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A MUST SEE Christmas movie at Christmastime! Watch the trailer here: In theaters nationwide November 22nd.

A MUST SEE Christmas movie at Christmastime! Watch the trailer here: In theaters nationwide November 22nd.

Just a few short weeks until Max Lucado’s The Christmas Candle Moviecomes to a theater near you. Please join me and “Like” the Christmas Candle movie page and reserve your tickets now! Get tickets and theater info at The Christmas Candle movie tickets