Most people make them.  Few people keep them.  Whether kept or not, those New Yea’rs resolutions are, well, troubling.

Lose weight!  Get organized!  Save money!  Eat healthy!  Will someone please tell me why resolutions have to be so unpleasant!  So troubling!  Even happy ones like having more fun, getting more rest, and spending more time with friends still seem like another item tacked onto our growing to-do lists.

A few years ago someone wrote a book about “margin.”  The author argued most Americans book their lives at 120% of what they have time for. Instead, he proposed that we operate at 80% and have time and energy to spare. Not a bad idea!  In fact, maybe, I’ll make that my New Year’s resolution for 2014.  On second thought, figuring out how to do 40% less and still get everything done might be more trouble that it’s worth.

I suppose that brings me back to my point: New Year’s resolutions really are troubling.