Abortion’s Barbarity Continues

John Stonestreet, Radio Host and Director of the Colson Center

Recently, the world learned that researchers at the University of Pittsburgh were grafting the scalps of aborted infants onto the flesh of rodents. And now, prolife group Live Action has uncovered that researchers at a California university has been trading in various body parts of aborted children, specifically genitalia, bladders, and kidneys.

Perhaps most unsettling is the indifference of the people involved to what in any other context would be considered barbaric. Emails uncovered included pleasantries about the weekend and hopes for a happy holiday, exchanged between the parties amidst logs of body parts bought and sold.

This is what Hannah Arendt called “the banality of evil.” The great crimes of history are often committed, not by monsters, but by ordinary folks in day to day life. And so building a culture of life will involve not only passing laws and attending marches, but exposing the scale of assault on human dignity that passes in the name of science.

Copyright 2021 by the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. Reprinted from BreakPoint.org with permission.

Arkansas’ Congressional Delegates Sign Amicus Brief in Major Pro-Life Case

On Thursday Arkansas’ two U.S. Senators and four Congressmen joined an amicus brief in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization lawsuit — a case that the ACLU says could “decimate” abortion in America.

The Dobbs v. Jackson deals with a law Mississippi passed in 2018 generally prohibiting abortion after the fifteenth week of pregnancy.

If the U.S. Supreme Court upholds this good law, it could provide an opportunity to overturn or roll back past pro-abortion rulings — and make it easier for states like Arkansas to prohibit or restrict abortion.

On Thursday Arkansas’ entire congressional delegation joined an amicus brief supporting Mississippi’s pro-life law.

The brief argues it is time for the courts to let state legislatures and Congress make their own laws governing abortion, saying,

Mississippi’s case provides the Court a chance to release its vise grip on abortion politics, as Congress and the States have shown that they are ready and able to address the issue in ways that reflect Americans’ varying viewpoints and are grounded in the science of fetal development and maternal health. The States have expressed the desire to protect life through a burgeoning number of laws enacted to further the States’ important interests in protecting women from dangerous late-term abortion . . .

This is an important case that is expected to become a landmark decision in the fight to end abortion.

We are so grateful Arkansas has congressmen and senators willing to take a stand for women and unborn children.

You Can Read The Amicus Brief Here.

Family Council Celebrates Enactment of Sixteen Good Laws

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Little Rock, Ark. — On Wednesday Family Council celebrated the enactment of sixteen new laws that the Arkansas Legislature passed earlier this year.

Family Council President Jerry Cox released a statement saying, “Today, sixteen laws that Family Council supported will take effect. These laws do things like save unborn children from abortion, protect healthcare workers’ rights of conscience, and uphold fairness in women’s sports. These are good laws that will help make Arkansas a better state to live, work, and raise a family.”

Cox noted that Arkansas passed a record number of pro-life laws this year. “The Arkansas Legislature passed a total of fourteen pro-life bills and resolutions this year. As far as we can tell, that is the most pro-life legislation passed in any session of the General Assembly in Arkansas history. Those laws will save women and unborn children from abortion for years to come.”

Family Council provided a list of legislation taking effect Wednesday, which included:

  • Act 498 requiring an abortionist to show an ultrasound image of the unborn baby to the pregnant woman before an abortion.
  • Act 358 helping prevent abortion providers from receiving Medicaid reimbursements.
  • Act 562 updating Arkansas’ restrictions on abortion-inducing drugs.
  • Act 949 requiring any facility that performs abortions to be licensed by the state.
  • Act 787 requiring abortionists to file documentation when the woman is a victim of rape or incest.
  • Act 561 prohibiting government entities from working with abortion providers.
  • Act 820 prohibiting public schools from engaging in transactions with abortionists.
  • Act 740 requiring abortion facilities to have transfer agreements with hospitals.
  • Act 560 outlining the informed-consent process for chemical abortion in Arkansas.
  • Act 392 affirming the right of municipalities in Arkansas to declare themselves pro-life.
  • Act 609 prohibiting fraud and abuse in fertility treatments.
  • Act 461 preventing male athletes from competing against girls in women’s athletics at school.
  • Act 623 making it easier for a student to withdraw from a public school to home school.
  • Act 342 closing a loophole in Arkansas’ laws regarding medical marijuana advertisements.
  • Act 462 protecting healthcare workers’ rights of conscience.
  • Act 902 establishing a Day of Prayer for Arkansas Students on the last Wednesday of every September.

Cox noted that some legislation Family Council supported had already taken effect. “Legislation protecting patients and nursing home residents from being left alone and denied visitors is already in effect. So is a new law protecting churches and religious organizations from being singled out and shut down during an emergency. These laws have been in full effect since last spring.”

Cox also noted that two laws Family Council supported are currently tied up in litigation. “Arkansas’ law prohibiting abortion except to save the life of the mother is on hold while a lawsuit over it progresses through our federal court system. So is Arkansas’ law that protects children from sex-reassignment procedures, puberty blockers, and cross-sex hormones. These good laws would save lives and protect children, if upheld.”

Cox praised Arkansas’ elected officials for supporting good legislation. “Arkansans should be proud of their elected officials. The General Assembly passed and Governor Hutchinson signed some of the best laws in the country this year. Arkansas has become a true leader in America when it comes to passing good, conservative legislation. These new laws are proof of that.”