Courts Wait for SCOTUS Before Ruling on State Pro-Life Law

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals won’t decide the fate of a group of pro-life laws from Arkansas until after the U.S. Supreme issues what could be a landmark decision this summer, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

In 2017 the Arkansas Legislature passed bills:

  • Prohibiting dismemberment abortion
  • Prohibiting abortions performed solely because of the baby’s sex
  • Requiring reporting of abortions performed on young girls
  • Requiring aborted babies to be respectfully buried or cremated rather than incinerated or sold to research companies

Pro-abortion groups sued the state to have these laws overturned.

You can read a breakdown of the legal arguments about these laws here.

After being tied up in court for nearly three years, the Eighth Circuit has indicated it will not rule on Arkansas’ pro-life laws until after the U.S. Supreme Court issues a decision in June Medical Services v. Russo.

The June Medical Services case has to do with abortion legislation in Louisiana.

Many believe the court’s decision in the case may chip away at past abortion rulings like Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, Planned Parenthood v. Casey, and even Roe v. Wade.

The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case earlier this month, and will issue an opinion sometime this spring or summer.

If the court upholds Louisiana’s pro-life laws, then Arkansas’ pro-life laws should stand.

If the court strikes down Louisiana’s pro-life laws, Arkansas’ laws could still be upheld, but the courts may not be as favorable to them.

Radical Pro-Abortion Group Calls Pro-Life Prayer Meetings a “Public Health Emergency”

On Friday the pro-abortion group Reproaction issued a statement calling for 40 Days for Life to stop holding prayer vigils outside abortion facilities, saying,

Anti-abortion harassment never has been and never will be okay. Shaming and threatening abortion patients, providers, and the communities clogs up our sidewalks with bullying and hate speech, and inspires anti-abortion terrorists to escalate violence.

The group went on to criticize 40 Days for Life for continuing to meet for prayer while the coronavirus outbreak continues.

In another statement, Reproaction went so far as to call 40 Days for Life vigils a “public health emergency” and demanded that the group cancel its prayer campaign.

The statements overlook a couple of crucial facts:

First, 40 Days for Life prayer vigils don’t shame, threaten, or bully anybody.

These are peaceful prayer vigils where pro-lifers simply gather to pray that abortion will end.

Second, 40 Days for Life has asked volunteers to practice social distancing and follow CDC guidelines when gathering for prayer meetings.

In a YouTube video, 40 Days for Life director Shawn Carney recently told volunteers, “Be safe, be healthy, keep your distance, use your hand sanitizer, and pray for an end to abortion.”

It’s worth pointing out that Reproaction teaches women to perform drug-induced abortions at home without the oversight of a physician.

Even many abortionists know that’s a bad idea.

40 Days for Life reports that at least 228 babies have been saved from abortion since February 26! That’s really good news.

You can find out more about 40 Days for Life in Arkansas by going to

Video: Abortion Supporters Discuss Abortion (Kind of)

In their latest video, our friends at “What Would You Say?” ask Women’s Marchers these questions about abortion:

  • Is choice for a mother a motivating issue for you?
  • Why is abortion an important issue for you?
  • Do you see abortion as a necessary evil or a moral good?
  • Is the fetus a person?

Their answers may surprise you.

Check out their video below.