Call Your Lawmakers About SJR16

SJR 16 is up for a vote on Thursday at the Capitol in Little Rock. Family Council and the ACLU both oppose this bill. That should tell you something about how bad it is.

This proposed amendment to our State Constitution would hurt the rights of the people to circulate petitions to place measures on the ballot. Moneyed interests at the Capitol are willing to hurt the people just to protect their own interests.

Please leave a message for your State Representative at 501-682-6211 and your State Senator at 501-682-2902. Ask him or her to vote against SJR 16. They’re hearing from the lobbyists. They need to hear from the people.

Updated: Please Call Your Representative About SB818

SB818 by Sen. Stubblefield has passed the Arkansas Senate and is on its way to the House of Representatives, but it needs your help.

SB818 would prevent public grants from going to organizations that perform abortions or abortion referrals.

Please call your representative today at 501-682-6211, and ask him or her to support SB818, a bill de-funding abortion-providers. Be sure to tell your representative where you are from so they know you are a constituent.

Update: If your representative is one of those listed below, they are on the House Public Health Committee, and will help decide the fate of SB818. Please be sure to contact them (info below).

Representative James Word, State House 16
Phone: 870-543-6391

Representative Butch Wilkins, State House 59
Phone: 870-972-5503

Representative Mark Perry, State House 42
Phone: 501-982-4561

Representative Stephanie Malone, State House 77
Telephone: 479-629-1023

Representative Fredrick Love, State House 29
Telephone: 501-565-4952

Representative David Meeks, State House 70
Telephone: 501-277-9340

Representative Jeff Wardlaw, State House 8
Telephone: 870-460-2814

Representative Reginald Murdock, State House 48
Telephone: 870-295-3208

Representative Kim Hammer, State House 28
Telephone: 501-840-3841

Representative Justin Harris, State House 81
Telephone: 479-871-8542

Representative Richard Womack, State House 18
Telephone: 870-403-6287

Representative Kelley Linck, State House 99
Telephone: 870-404-2741

Representative David Branscum, State House 83
Telephone: 870-448-6290

Representative Betty Overbey, State House 69
Telephone: 479-885-6479

Representative Andy Mayberry, State House 27
Telephone: 501-888-3522

Representative John Burris, State House 98
Telephone: 870-688-6181

Rep. Henry Wilkins, IV, State House 17
Telephone: 870-535-4488

Rep. Deborah Ferguson, State House 51
Telephone: 901-486-8786

Representative Greg Leding, State House 86
Telephone: 479-422-8099

Rep. Chris Richey, State House 12
Telephone: 870-995-2499

UPDATED: Ask Your Representative to Support Religious Freedom

SB1119, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, needs your support.

This good law affirms the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and can prevent the future erosion of religious liberty. The Home School Legal Defense Association has written extensively about how state Religious Freedom Restoration Acts like this one help protect home schoolers who want to home school for religious reasons from harassment. Last week Texas’ religious freedom law was used to overturn a Dallas city ordinance preventing local ministries from distributing food to the homeless.