Arkansas Legislature Passes Law Addressing Abortions in Medical Emergencies

On Thursday the Arkansas Senate overwhelmingly passed a good bill that would help protect women’s health and clarify Arkansas’ abortion restrictions.

H.B. 1786 by Rep. Aaron Pilkington (R – Knoxville) and Sen. Clint Penzo (R – Springdale) is a good, pro-life bill that specifies that abortions performed to save the life of the mother must take place in a hospital or emergency room.

This bill will help clarify Arkansas’ restrictions on abortion, and it will protect women’s health by ensuring that any abortion performed to save the mother’s life takes place in a facility that is properly equipped to handle medical emergencies.

H.B. 1786 previously passed in the Arkansas House. It now goes to Gov. Sanders to be signed into law.

The Following Senators Voted For H.B. 1786

  • J. Boyd
  • J. Bryant
  • A. Clark
  • Crowell
  • B. Davis
  • Dees
  • J. Dismang
  • J. Dotson
  • J. English
  • Flippo
  • Gilmore
  • K. Hammer
  • Hester
  • Hickey
  • Hill
  • Irvin
  • B. Johnson
  • M. Johnson
  • B. King
  • M. McKee
  • J. Payton
  • C. Penzo
  • J. Petty
  • Rice
  • Stone
  • G. Stubblefield
  • D. Sullivan
  • D. Wallace

The Following Senators Voted Against H.B. 1786

  • L. Chesterfield
  • G. Leding
  • F. Love
  • C. Tucker

The Following Senator Did Not Vote

  • R. Murdock

The Following Senators Were Excused From Voting

  • Caldwell
  • S. Flowers

Legislature Passes Bill Clarifying Penalties for Doctors Who Perform Illegal Chemical Abortions

On Wednesday the Arkansas House of Representatives passed a pro-life bill addressing abortion-inducing drugs in Arkansas.

S.B. 463 by Sen. Ben Gilmore (R – Crossett) and Rep. Mindy McAlindon (R – Centerton) clarifies that the State Medical Board will revoke the license of a physician that violates Arkansas’ laws against abortion-inducing drugs.

The bill will help ensure that physicians in Arkansas face professional penalties if they break the state’s pro-life laws.

The bill previously passed in the state senate. It now goes to Gov. Sanders to become law.

Lawmakers Pass Good Bill Concerning Pro-Life Cities, Counties in Arkansas

On Wednesday the Arkansas House of Representatives passed a bill to help expand Pro-Life political subdivisions in Arkansas.

S.B. 446 by Sen. Joshua Bryant (R – Rogers) and Rep. Kendon Underwood (R – Cave Springs) builds on Arkansas’ law that lets cities and counties pass Pro-Life resolutions.

Act 392 of 2021 affirms that cities and counties can designate themselves as Pro-Life. To date, nearly half of all Arkansans live in a Pro-Life City or Pro-Life County.

S.B. 446 expands this 2021 law so that any political subdivision of the state can declare itself to be Pro-Life — not just a city or a county.

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has reversed Roe v. Wade and abortion is generally prohibited in Arkansas, citizens and their elected officials need to establish exactly where they stand when it comes to protecting innocent human life.

S.B. 446 is a good bill that will help communities do exactly that.

The bill previously passed the Arkansas Senate. S.B. 446 now goes to Gov. Sanders to become law.