Dutch Psychiatrists Hail Euthanasia as “Emancipation”

In an article posted last month, Dutch psychiatrists hail their ability to euthanize patients as “emancipation.”

“Assisted suicide, as a last resort in psychiatry, [has been] legally admissible since 2002, [and] recently legitimized in practice. The midwife [of] Death is now appropriate for psychiatric reach patients, representing an emancipation of the psychiatric patient and psychiatry itself.”

In other words, psychiatrists are no longer responsible for helping suicidal patients overcome their problems; they can now help them kill themselves instead–and that is ’emancipation.’

Dr. Del Tackett talks about “social insanity” in his worldview study The Truth Project. It’s what happens when a people drift so far from the Truth that they fail to recognize right and wrong in their most basic forms; they’re so far from reality, their entire society begins to accept the insane as good and moral.

I believe, unfortunately, that’s what we’re beginning to see in the Netherlands.

Read the entire article here.