Governor Signs New Abortion Restrictions in Arkansas

Rep. Cloud presents S.B. 388 in the Arkansas House.

On Tuesday Gov. Hutchinson signed S.B. 388 into law. The measure is now Act 949 of 2021.

This good law by Sen. Charles Beckham (R – McNeil) and Rep. Joe Cloud (R – Russellville) requires any facility that performs abortions to be licensed by the Arkansas Department of Health as an abortion facility.

Act 949 also prohibits abortions in hospitals except in cases of medical emergency.

The measure previously passed the Arkansas Senate and the Arkansas House with strong support.

Under current law, clinics are not required to be licensed or inspected as abortion facilities unless they perform more than ten abortions in a month.

That means that a clinic potentially could perform upwards of 100 or more abortions per year without being licensed or inspected by the State of Arkansas as an abortion facility.

Act 949 addresses this shortcoming in Arkansas law.

This will make it easier for the Arkansas Department of Health to enforce the good, pro-life laws that legislators have implemented over the years. It will ensure that every clinic that performs abortions is licensed and inspected, and that Arkansas’ laws against abortion are properly followed.

Act 949 will make it easier for the Arkansas Department of Health to identify and shut down facilities performing occasional abortions if the facilities aren’t complying with Arkansas’ other pro-life laws.

This is a pro-life law that has the potential to do a lot of good in Arkansas.

Rev. Franklin Graham Urges Gov. Hutchinson to Sign SAFE Act

On Wednesday night Rev. Franklin Graham of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse urged Gov. Asa Hutchinson to sign H.B. 1570, the Save Adolescents From Experimentation (SAFE) Act.

This good bill by Rep. Robin Lundstrum (R – Springdale) and Sen. Alan Clark (R – Lonsdale) prohibits sex-reassignment procedures on children in Arkansas.

The bill also prevents funding of sex-reassignment procedures performed on children.

Gender-reassignment surgeries can leave children sterilized and scarred for life.

Medical researchers do not know the long term effects these procedures and therapies can have on kids. That is why many people equate them with experimenting on children.

Rev. Graham asked that “God would give the Governor of Arkansas a thick skin” and that the governor would do the right thing for Arkansans.

You can watch a short clip of Rev. Graham below.

Senate Committee Advances Bill Prohibiting Transactions With Abortionists

Sen. Ballinger presents H.B. 1589 in committee.

On Monday the Senate Public Health Committee passed H.B. 1589 on a voice vote.

This good bill by Rep. Harlan Breaux (R – Holiday Island) and Sen. Bob Ballinger (R – Ozark) prohibits government entities, including public schools, in Arkansas from engaging in transactions with abortion providers and affiliates of abortion providers.

Sen. Ballinger presented the bill in committee on Monday.

Only one abortion supporter appeared before the committee to speak against the bill.

H.B. 1589 is a good bill that will help ensure that Arkansas does not spend any taxpayer dollars subsidizing abortionists and their affiliates.

The bill now goes to the entire Arkansas Senate for consideration.