Pro-Lifers are Compassionate, Caring People

The following is a guest post from Adrianne Redding. Adrianne is currently studying Political Science at John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

Conservatives, especially pro-life conservatives, are often viewed by the media, and perhaps the general public, as hard-nosed, insensitive, and downright cold. Many people think that all pro-lifers are concerned about is a “blob of tissue,” and don’t even look at the troubled girl or woman right in front of them.

But the reason we—especially we female pro-lifers—are against abortion is not just because of the consequences to the child in the womb, but also the consequences the young woman will have to face afterward.


Pro-Life Collaboration Gaining Momentum in Arkansas

The following is a guest post from Danny Gunderman. Danny is the Arkansas director for Americans United for Life.

The First Baptist Church in West Little Rock was the venue for approximately 400 members of the pro-life public attending an open forum on the evening of July 26, 2011. Coming together to hear three well-known individuals in the national pro-life movement, citizens were encouraged to take action on their belief in the sanctity of life.  Two days of strategy meetings, with the goal of ending abortion in Arkansas, were also conducted in conjunction with the Public Forum.