Ontario Edu. Minister: Catholic Schools Can’t Teach Abortion is Wrong

According to reports on LifeSiteNews, Ontario’s Education Minister has declared that Catholic schools can no longer teach that abortion is wrong.

Education Minister Laurel Broten said Wednesday that Catholic schools are barred from teaching this because Bill 13, the government’s controversial “anti-bullying” law, prohibits “misogyny.”

Between this, the Obamacare HHS mandate, and other issues, it’s been a very shocking year for religious liberty in North America, to say the least. You can read more here.

Take Part in 40 Days for Life

The annual 40 Days for Life campaign kicked-off in Arkansas and across the country on Sunday, and we’re looking forward to seeing what God is going to do.

He has done amazing things through this annual event. Mothers and babies have been saved. Abortion clinic workers have left the industry. Hearts and minds have changed forever. Every year, incredible things happen, and Family Council is inviting you to take part.

Join pro-life Arkansans as we pray, hold peaceful vigils, and engage in positive outreach to end abortion outside of local abortion clinics. There are two locations in Arkansas: One in Little Rock and the other in Fayetteville. For more information on 40 Days for Life and how to sign-up to participate, please click here if you’re near Little Rock or here if you’re near Fayetteville.