Obama Administration Poised to Silence Political Opponents

The IRS is proposing new regulations giving themselves more authority to restrict nonprofit groups.

For the first time, the IRS wants to define “candidate-related political activity” to include projects such as voter guides, legislative scorecards or reporting voting records of elected officials, get-out-the-vote campaigns, promotion of voter registration, or even mentioning the names of candidates who are running for office. Any “candidate-related political activity” could jeopardize a group’s nonprofit status.

These new proposed rules are significant, because they affect organizations’ ability to engage in issue advocacy and basic political speech.


Elementary School Censors ‘God’ in 1st Grader’s Veteran’s Day Poem

From Alliance Defending Freedom — “An elementary school has removed a sentence referring to “God” from a 1st-grader’s poem commemorating her grandfathers’ military service. The school forced the student to remove the sentence prior to presenting the poem at a Veteran’s Day ceremony last month.

“The censored sentence, referring to one of her grandfathers who served during the Vietnam War, read, ‘He prayed to God for peace, he prayed to God for strength.’Alliance Defending Freedom sent a letter Friday on behalf of McDowell County residents who are concerned that similar acts of unconstitutional censorship could occur again.”

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ADF Steps In, Oregon College Changes Tone on “Free Speech Zone”

In a win for religious freedom and free speech, “Chemeketa Community College has revised its policies so that students may engage in free speech beyond a single six-foot folding table that served as a ‘free speech zone.'” Two Christian, pro-life students were “stopped from handing out pro-life literature and displaying pro-life signs outdoors on campus by security officers.” Then Alliance Defense Fund stepped in.