Last week attorneys at Alliance Defending Freedom filed a lawsuit in federal court against Arkansas State University in Jonesboro.

According to ADF, the school has tried to limit free speech on campus to sanctioned “free speech” zones. When a student recently tried to set up a table outside the student union to generate interest in forming a chapter of the group Turning Point USA on campus, a school administrator stopped her, citing the university’s speech policy.

The question is, how is free speech “free” if it is limited to certain areas of campus and has to be approved by the university first?

The case at ASU is similar to a lawsuit filed in Ohio last month against a university that tried to restrict speech by a pro-life student group.

College campuses used to be places where students could freely exchange ideas. However, we are increasingly seeing attempts by school administrators to restrict speech on campus — especially speech by conservative and pro-life students.

Alliance Defending Freedom has an excellent track record litigating cases like this one in Jonesboro. Given that history, it seems likely the courts will rule against the school’s anti-speech policies in the months to come.