#GivingTuesday is Today

Today is #GivingTuesday, and I have really great news:

Thanks to the generosity of some good friends, every dollar we receive today will be matched, up to $12,000.

This is an opportunity to double your impact when you give to Family Council today.

Your tax-deductible gift of $25 will be turned into $50. Your $100 gift will become a $200 gift.

Our goal is to raise a grand total of $24,000 today. You can help us reach that goal by making a donation via our website. Simply go here to donate right now.

Here’s a very brief snapshot of some of the things your gift  will help us accomplish in 2019 and beyond:

  1. End Abortion. The informed-consent law we supported in 2015 has saved more than 700 children from abortion in the past two years. Overall, abortion in Arkansas has fallen to some of the lowest levels in four decades. We want to continue passing laws and promoting policies that will reduce and ultimately eliminate abortion in Arkansas.
  2. Support Pregnancy Resource Centers. We’re launching a new foundation that will help provide funding and support to Arkansas’ pregnancy resource centers. These centers give women with unplanned pregnancies real options besides abortion. We plan to begin awarding grant money to pregnancy resource centers in 2019.
  3. Promote Home Schooling. Our home school office, the Education Alliance, is here to assist home schoolers every day. In 2019 we plan to support legislation that helps home schoolers and oppose legislation that hurts home schoolers at the Arkansas Capitol.
  4. Protect Religious Liberty. Arkansans ought to be able to live and work according to their deeply-held religious convictions without the threat of a lawsuit or other penalty. We plan to continue working to protect religious freedom in 2019.
  5. Continue to Oppose Gambling. Even though Issue 4 passed on November 6, there are still steps we can take to reduce the harm that gambling does to families and communities.
  6. Sponsor Pastor’s Day at the Capitol. One of the best things we do all year is Pastor’s Day at the Capitol. This is a time for ministers and church leaders to come together for prayer, worship, and fellowship with elected officials in the Rotunda of the Arkansas Capitol Building. We are already working on Pastor’s Day at the Capitol for February of 2019. Your generous support helps make this wonderful event possible.
  7. Honor Arkansas Longest-Married Couple. Family Council is searching for the husband and wife in Arkansas who have been married the longest. Last February we honored ten couples who had been married more than 75 years at a special reception at the Governor’s Mansion. We plan to honor Arkansas’ ten longest-married couples again this coming February. This event does more than simply recognize wonderful men and women and their families. It highlights the value of marriage and it shows young people that love and commitment really can last a lifetime.

There just isn’t room for me to tell you everything about our plans for the coming legislative session, our ongoing fight against marijuana, our plans to blunt the radical LGBT agenda in Arkansas, and the numerous times we get to proclaim God’s truth in media interviews and speaking in churches across the state.

Your generous support makes all of this possible. That’s why I hope you will pray for us, that we would be successful and that we would remain faithful to the calling God has given to us. I also hope you will give generously, if you are able, before midnight tonight as part of #GivingTuesday. Simply go here to donate.