Video: Solving the Problem of Child Poverty

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In the video below, Charisse Dean discusses the four-step solution to child poverty.

State Still Dealing With Fallout From Bad U.S. Supreme Court Ruling

November 30, 2017 | Posted in Family, Marriage | By

According to recent news reports, the State of Arkansas is still dealing with fallout from a bad ruling the U.S. Supreme Court issued last summer.

In June the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the State of Arkansas must list two “mothers” on a child’s birth certificate if the child’s birth mother is legally married to another woman. The ruling overturned a good decision the Arkansas Supreme Court handed down last December.

The State is currently struggling to come up with a way to amend its laws and comply with the Supreme Court’s order.

As we said last summer, the U.S. Supreme Court is asking Arkansas to ignore basic facts about biology. Birth certificates exist to record that a child was born and who the child’s biological parents are presumed to be.

As the Arkansas Supreme Court correctly noted last year, no child can have two biological mothers, but the Arkansas Department of Health is being forced to operate as if that is possible.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling treats the names that appear on birth certificates like some sort of marriage benefit. Birth certificates are issued for the sake of children — not for the sake of adults. They are not simply pieces of paper. They are vital records that need to be accurate and deserve respect. We should not let them become mere political ploys in the ongoing debates about marriage.

More Evidence Kids Need a Mom and a Dad

November 13, 2017 | Posted in Family | By

Earlier this year author and New York psychoanalyst Erica Komisar published a book called Being There: Why Prioritizing Motherhood in the First Three Years Matters.

In the book Komisar highlights the critical role moms play in the first three years of a child’s development. She also shows the devastation caused when a child’s mother is absent.

For example, Komisar notes that from 2011 to 2012 the number of children diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder rose to 19%, and that nearly one in four children will be diagnosed with a mental disorder before the age of 18.

Komisar says the cause of the problem is simple: “The essential presence of a mother is missing” from the lives of these children.

Komisar is essentially echoing what we and many others have said for years: Kids need a mom and a dad.

Our friends at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview have put together an excellent commentary on Erica Komisar’s book here.

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