May 1, 2014, is the 63rd annual National Day of Prayer. We encourage you to join other Americans in raising your voice in praise and thanksgiving to God. For National Day of Prayer events in Arkansas go to

In his article, “Still…Under God”, John Bornschein explains the history of the National Day of Prayer saying,

“[L]ike it or not, this great nation is still Under God – a God who is active in the affairs of men and their governing authorities (Proverbs 8:15; 21:1, Daniel 4:25). Groups like Planned Parenthood and the Freedom From Religion Foundation, among others, oppose the idea that people are accountable to an Almighty God. . . . Generation after generation, people seek to tear down the institutions that uphold what remaining moral layers prevail within a civilized society, offering nothing in return. After all, it is easier to tear down than to build up.”

He points out, “Those who desire to remove our accountability before Almighty God are the very same people who naïvely believe that a society without religion is a society of free thinkers—a world without restricting boundaries.”

Mr. Bornschein details many of the evils in our world’s history and says, “When you remove God from the conversation and our accountability to Him, you remove the definitions of morality and the fact that all men were created equal with certain unalienable rights—endowed by a creator.”

He says that we must praise God.

“We are one nation under God, and a nation that is under God must stand under His virtues and give Him the praise and recognition for his bountiful blessings that He so rightfully deserves. Accumulative wisdom is not sufficient to navigate the challenges of the day. Therefore, ‘it is the duty of all nations to recognize the providence of Almighty God’ – George Washington, October 1789.

“The National Day of Prayer – a tradition of honoring God that began in 1774 at the First Congress when a minister was asked to open with prayer and to lead Congress in the reading of four chapters of the Bible – is a call to all of God’s people to unite in prayer in one voice and one mind (Romans 15:6). It is a concept that was birthed in Scripture when the prophets Ezra and Joel (Ezra 9, Nehemiah 8-9, and Joel 1-3) called for the people to unite in humility and reverence before Almighty God. In fact 2 Chronicles 6:13-42 records that all of Israel gathered together to worship and pray unto God. Although the calendar dates have changed, the need for prayer has not. Let us unite on the largest Solemn Assembly in U.S. History and glorify the Lord, remembering that we are one nation, UNDER GOD.”

We encourage you to join other Americans in raising your voice in praise and thanksgiving to God on Thursday, May 1. For National Day of Prayer events in Arkansas go to

Events in Little Rock are:

One Voice in Prayer and Worship
5/1/14 6:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Little Rock, AR

Arkansas: United in One Voice in Prayer and in Spirit
5/1/14 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Arkansas State Capitol
Little Rock, AR