Brother Melvyn Amrine was a pastor and church planter in Little Rock, and across the country for many years.  Now 83, he was diagnosed with Altzheimer’s Disease about three years ago and usually spends his days sitting just inside the garage watching the world.  His wife of over 60 years, Doris, was inside preparing for a ladies prayer meeting and went out to check on him.  She was panicked when she found him gone.  She called her daughter who called the police and an alert was issued.

Mel was about two miles from home when he was spotted by Sergeant Brian Grigsby and Officer Troy Dillard.  He could not tell the officers where he lived but was adamant that he was going to get flowers for his wife for Mother’s Day the next day.  He had bought flowers for her every Mother’s Day since their first child was born.  The officers said they had no choice.  Mel was not going home.  He was going to get flowers for his wife.

The officers radioed in that they had found the missing man and would take him home.  But first they made a stop at Home Depot.  The flowers were not the right kind; Mel wanted cut flowers.  They went on down the street to Kroger where Mel knew exactly what he wanted.  When he stepped to the cashier to pay for the white roses, he did not have enough money.  Both officers reached for their wallets to pay the difference.  Officer Dillard was just a little quicker.

Doris and the ladies had been praying that Mel would be found and rejoiced when the call came that he would soon be home.  Doris, however, was not very happy that Mel had walked away.  But she said when she saw the officers and Mel and the flowers and his big smile coming up the walk, her heart broke with thanksgiving.   “It’s special, because even though the mind doesn’t remember everything, the heart remembers.” 

This touching story, already shared around the world, reveals the heart of a man with enduring love for his wife.  It also reveals the kind and caring hearts of two policemen who appear to find joy in helping.