We have been following the story out of Jonesboro surrounding ASU’s decision to ban its football players from wearing crosses memorializing two students who died in the past year.

University officials told the football players they had to remove the cross-shaped decals bearing the initial of the two students from the backs of the players’ football helmets. One player, however, contacted attorneys at Liberty Institute who sent a letter to the school explaining the rights of the students.

ASU has since released a statement about the controversy, and while the university seems to be standing by its initial actions, it has agreed that the players may place NCAA-compliant decals on their uniforms memorializing their teammates.

In other words, the crosses can come back.

Attorney Hiram Sasser who represented the unnamed ASU football player released a statement, saying,

“The University officials and the Arkansas Attorney General did the right thing restoring the religious liberty and free speech rights of the players to have the original cross sticker design if they so choose and we commend them for doing so.”

When it comes to First Amendment freedoms, the ASU Red Wolves are undefeated this season.