Not one lottery ticket has been sold, but a bunch of people are getting rich off of the Arkansas Lottery just the same.

Arkansas Lottery Commission Executive Director Ernie Passailaigue says David Barden, South Carolina Lottery official, has accepted an offer to serve as the lottery’s vice president of gambling operations. Barden will be paid $225,000 annually. Passailaigue earlier hired another South Carolina Lottery official, Ernestine Middleton, as the Arkansas Lottery’s vice president of administration. Middleton, who started work Thursday, also will be paid $225,000 a year.I’ve decided to start a list of those who are getting rich off the Arkansas Lottery.   Here are their names, positions, and annual salaries.  I’ll be adding to it until all the high-dollar lottery positions are filled.

Ernie Passailaigue

Lottery Director:                                                           $324,000.00

David Barden

Vice President of Gambling Operations:              $225,000.00

Ernestine Middleton

Vice President of Administration:                           $225,000.00

Total: $774,000.00

Primary Source: The Associated Press