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HB1228RollCallVoteA few people have been asking how each senator on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted on House Bill 1228 (the religious freedom bill) yesterday.

The bill failed, with 3 senators voting for it; 3 voting against it; and 2 not voting. In order to make it out of committee, the bill needs 5 votes.

Here is a breakdown of the vote:

Senators Who Voted FOR The Bill

  • Sen. Jon Woods (R – Springdale)
  • Sen. Terry Rice (R – Waldron)
  • Sen. Linda Collins-Smith (R – Pocahontas)

Senators Who Voted AGAINST The Bill

  • Sen. David Johnson (D – Little Rock)
  • Sen. Joyce Elliott (D – Little Rock)
  • Sen. Linda Chesterfield, Vice-Chair (D – Little Rock)

Senators Who DID NOT Vote For or Against the Bill

  • Sen. David Burnett (D – Osceola)
  • Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson, Chair (R – Benton)

This bill can still be brought back up for a vote. Be sure to call your senator at (501) 682-2902, and ask him or her to support the religious freedom bill. You can also call Governor Hutchinson’s office at (501) 682-2345 and leave a message encouraging him to support the bill.

Jerry is the founder and president of Family Council. He began Family Council in 1989 after a successful effort to amend the Arkansas Constitution to prevent the use of public funds for abortions. He and his wife reside in Little Rock. They have four sons.