On Wednesday Focus On The Family published an article endorsing religious freedom amendment Issue 3 and opposing marijuana amendment Issue 4 in Arkansas.

In an article analyzing religious freedom amendment Issue 3 and marijuana amendment Issue 4, attorney Bruce Hausknecht who serves as Focus on the Family’s judicial analyst, wrote,

Such laws [like Issue 3] are necessary to guarantee Christians (and all citizens of other faiths) the right to live their lives according to their deeply held beliefs, even when local governments pass laws that promote ideologies contrary to religious faith, disguised, for example, as “nondiscrimination” ordinances and statutes. . . .

It is crucial for concerned citizens in Arkansas to vote “Yes” on Issue 3 to protect religious freedom in their state.

Besides urging Arkansans to support Issue 3, the article also opposes marijuana Issue 4, saying, “If you live in Arkansas, please vote ‘No’ on Issue 4.”

Focus On The Family is the latest group to come out in support of Issue 3.

To date, FRC Action, Alliance Defending Freedom, and Family Council have endorsed the measure.

Family Council Action Committee is currently campaigning for the passage of Issue 3 in Arkansas.