Yesterday the Senate Public Health Committee passed a good, pro-life bill requiring abortion-providers who perform drug-induced abortions to follow FDA protocols.

This bill protects women from unsafe abortion practices, and it has the potential to save the lives of unborn children by ensuring abortion-providers do not perform chemical abortions later than the FDA protocols allow.

It takes five affirmative votes to pass a bill out of a senate committee. The bill received five votes for it and two votes against it. One senator was at the meeting, but chose not to vote when her name was called.

You can see a breakdown of the vote below. You can leave a message for any of these senators by calling the senate switchboard at (501) 682-2902.

The Following Senators Voted “Yes”

The Following Senators Voted “No”

The Following Senator Chose Not to Vote

The bill now heads to the Arkansas Senate floor, where the entire senate will vote on it sometime in the near future.