This afternoon the Arkansas House of Representatives passed H.B. 1566. Ninety state representatives voted for H.B. 1566; no one voted against it.

This is a good, pro-life bill by Rep. Kim Hammer (R-Benton). It will help prevent aborted babies from being bought or sold in Arkansas.

Undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of aborted baby parts has spurred several states to look at how aborted fetal remains are handled. The videos even prompted a congressional investigation.

According the congressional report released last month, in 2015 an Arkansas abortion clinic provided StemExpress–the company featured in the undercover videos–with tissue obtained from aborted babies.

Rep. Hammer sponsored good legislation two years ago that helped address how the bodies of aborted babies are treated. H.B. 1566 strengthens that good law and will help further ensure aborted babies’ organs are not bought or sold.

H.B. 1566 now goes to the Arkansas Senate for consideration. Below is a breakdown of the House vote on H.B. 1566.

Voted FOR H.B. 1566 (90 State Representatives)

F. Allen Ballinger Baltz Barker Bentley Blake
Boyd Bragg Branscum Brown Burch Capp
Cavenaugh Coleman Collins Cozart Dalby Davis
Deffenbaugh Della Rosa Dotson D. Douglas Drown Eaves
Eubanks Farrer D. Ferguson C. Fite L. Fite V. Flowers
Fortner Gates Gazaway M. Gray M.J. Gray Hammer
Henderson Hillman M. Hodges G. Hodges Holcomb Hollowell
House Jean Jett Johnson Ladyman Leding
Lemons Love Lowery Lundstrum Maddox Magie
A. Mayberry McCollum McElroy G. McGill McNair D. Meeks
S. Meeks Miller Murdock Payton Penzo Petty
Pilkington Pitsch Richey Richmond Rushing Rye
Sabin Shepherd B. Smith Sorvillo Speaks Sturch
Sullivan Tosh Tucker Vaught Walker Wardlaw
Warren Watson D. Whitaker J. Williams Wing Womack

Did Not Vote (10 State Representatives)

E. Armstrong Beck C. Douglas K. Ferguson Fielding Gonzales
K. Hendren Lynch Nicks Mr. Speaker