I wanted to briefly share some important information with you. First, our press conference today regarding our opposition to lottery ticket vending machines was very successful. Held at the Capitol Building in Little Rock, it was well attended by members of the Arkansas press. Channel 4, 7, 11 and 16 should have news about our press conference on TV at 5:30 this evening, so be sure to watch the news!

Today was certainly a whirlwind day. As you most likely know, if you made a public comment regarding the lottery ticket vending machines, we hand-delivered your comment to the Lottery Commission this afternoon. Altogether, we delivered 1,164 comments against the machines and only 36 in support of them! Two TV news stations and blogger Jason Tolbert followed us to the Lottery Commission office, but they were promptly kicked out by lottery staff members. It was unfortunate behavior from a state agency (funded by Arkansas’ citizens) that should be open to the press at all times.

Remember: If you haven’t made a public comment yet, you have until noon tomorrow. We’d love to turn even more comments in to the Lottery Commission. Just go to FamilyCouncil.org to make your comment.

For more information on today’s events, check out these documents:
Family Council’s news release providing details of the press conference – http://www.familycouncil.org/Library/News/FamilyCouncilTurnsInComments-8-12-2010.pdf
Jerry Cox’s statements from the press conference http://www.familycouncil.org/Library/News/JerryCoxComments-8-12-2010.pdf