Friday, October 2, 2015

LITTLE ROCK—On Friday U.S. District Judge Kristine Baker issued a preliminary injunction forcing the State of Arkansas to continue Medicaid reimbursements to Planned Parenthood.

Family Council President Jerry Cox released a statement, saying, “Arkansans have made it clear time and again they do not want public dollars subsidizing abortions. The Arkansas Legislature has taken steps to prevent public funding of abortion providers. Governor Hutchinson’s decision to cut ties with Planned Parenthood is in keeping with that sentiment. Judge Baker’s injunction forces the state to do something voters don’t want to do, and that is award public dollars to an abortion provider.”

Cox noted the Governor’s decision to halt Medicaid reimbursements to Planned Parenthood came on the heels of a series of undercover videos in which Planned Parenthood officials allegedly discuss the sale of organs harvested from aborted babies. “Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s CEO was brought in to testify before members of Congress this week about her organization’s practices. Many are speculating that Planned Parenthood affiliates may be breaking federal laws against trafficking in human organs. And it’s worth noting that recent polling by CNN shows most Americans believe abortion ought to be illegal in all but a few cases. In light of all of this, it’s understandable the State of Arkansas would have reservations about distributing public dollars to Planned Parenthood.”

Cox pointed out there is no shortage of healthcare clinics available for women and families in Arkansas. “I hear people ask what women would do if not for Planned Parenthood. There are more than one hundred seventy clinics in Arkansas able to serve low-income women. Many of these clinics offer services Planned Parenthood affiliates do not, and to my knowledge none of them has been accused to selling baby parts.”